Baby Sleep Routine – 3 Easy Steps To A Better Bedtime Routine

Establishing a Baby Bedtime Routine is one of most parents major concerns . Bedtime can either be easy and peaceful or a real struggle.

So, is a baby sleep routine needed?

It is one of the biggest questions many parents ask themselves. The first thing to determine is when you want bedtime to be. For some parents it is whenever the child decides to go to sleep. For others it is a specific time like 8pm.

The Signs of Baby Sleep Deprivation

  • Baby is Clingy
  • Rubbing eyes or pulling at ears
  • Yawing
  • Fluttering eyelids
  • Fussiness
  • Being accident prone
  • Over active as the night gets later
  • Feeding troubles

There are several signs that you notice, some signs are obvious ones, and then there are those signs that most parents don’t realize are signs of sleep deprivation.

Baby Sleep Patterns

One way to set bedtimes is observing when your child is ready to sleep. A child will stay awake for as long as possible for fear of missing something. This is beneficial when you are learning your child’s natural cycle of sleep. This type of sleep pattern can also give you a glimpse into the stubbornness of your child.

When allowing your child to determine their own bedtime you will want to be aware of your child’s sleep signs before they become sleep deprived.

3 Easy Steps to a Baby Bedtime Routine

Determine a sleeping routine that is simple for both you and the baby can make bedtime so much easier than fighting them to sleep.

The first thing to do is to determine the time that you wish for your child to be in bed. Once determining a bedtime you will want to help your baby begin winding down about an hour before.

Next start the winding down routine. This may consist of reducing noise or some quiet time like reading a book.

Some common ideas are:

  • Infant massage
  • Music Time
  • Bath time
  • Story time
  • Singing Lullabies
  • Rocking Baby
  • Cuddle (Snuggle) time

When you have established a specific routine that works for you, try not to deviate from it unless absolutely necessary.

baby bath time

It is not important which of these events you decide to choose as part of your routine, but it is suggested that you always include bath time in the mix.

A last moment of play and a relaxing bath will help soothe a babies weary body. Then use a lotion or massage oil that is designed to help a newborn baby begin to relax and become sleepy.

One of the last things that you want to have is some one on one snuggling time, maybe a dream feed, then place your drowsy baby into their safe sleeping cot. It can make the difference between putting a wide awake baby to bed or a drowsy baby to bed.

If your child is already asleep when you put them into bed , you may create a habit and your baby will then expect to fall asleep in your arms every night, this can cause you problems down the track.

Another negative is that you will wake them up during transfer, and have to start the whole routine again.

What is your favorite bedtime sleep routine for your Bub? I would love to hear some feedback………….