​The Benefits of Breastfeeding Your Baby

When you find out you are pregnant, you will need to make a very important decision…. am I going to breastfeed my baby? It is a good idea to make your decision before the baby is born so you have a feeding plan.

You have two options:-

Formula feed or Breastfeed. Formula nowadays is designed to be very similar to breast milk. But, one important difference is that most formulas contain cow’s milk or soybeans as their protein.

Collating information and knowing the benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby can help you to make the best decision for your situation. You can also express feed with the use of a
Breast Pump, and freeze your milk using Breast Milk Bags, it means other family members can help  with feed time, which can be a big help to a new mum. Breastfeeding provides your baby with the most complete and nutritional source of food.

Breastfeeding Benefits for Babies BenefitsofBreastfeeding2

  • One of the most commonly known benefits of breastfeeding your baby is all the illnesses and diseases that breast milk can help to prevent. There have been many studies conducted all over the world that have found that breast milk holds antibodies to help protect babies. Some of the diseases that breast milk can prevent are:-
    • Lower Respiratory Infections
    • Asthma
    • Type 1 & 2 Diabetes
    • High Cholesterol
  • Breastfeeding your little one can offer him or her a lower risk of asthma and allergies. Also, fewer ear infections and hospitalization are recorded from breastfed babies.
  • Breast milk can help raise a child’s IQ. It has been known to add around 10 points to an IQ. Through studies they have found that breastfed babies have achieved higher test scores than those not breastfed. The longer the baby breastfeeds, the larger the IQ increase.
  • Breastfeeding can help to protect your baby from obesity. Studies show that breastfed babies are able to determine when they are satisfied.
  • Babies that have been breastfed for at least one month cut their chances of SIDS in half.

Breastfeeding Benefits for Mums

Not only are their benefits to babies, there are also benefits for mums who breastfeed.

  • Breastfeeding helps to promote a close bond between the mum and baby. This is beneficial when learning the baby’s feeding cues.
  • There are also health factors that benefit the mum through breastfeeding. Mother’s get a lower risks of obtaining osteoporosis, breast cancer, as well as anemia. The longer the mother and baby nurse the more protection that the mother will gain.
  • Baby spacing is another benefit of breastfeeding. Baby spacing is similar to birth control, only in a natural way. Breastfeeding can help to extend the time frame until the return of the menstrual cycle. This helps mum reduce the chances of getting pregnant. Breastfeeding is 98% effective as birth control until the babies age of six months.
  • Losing weight is another advantage of breastfeeding. Through breastfeeding your uterus returns to normal size quicker, so you body goes back into shape quicker. Also, breastfeeding takes calories. This allows for a loss of weight, and body fat for the time that you are nursing.
  • Breastfeeding is environmentally and financially friendly. Breastfeeding does not require any bottles, formula, or other equipment reducing the cost. Since there is no packaging or waste, there is also no pollution.


It is important for parents to have all the facts when it comes to feeding their baby. Deciding if the benefits of breastfeeding are for you and your new little one is something only a parent can do. There are a lot of reasons that encourage breastfeeding, however the choice is yours.

Look at all the pros and cons of breastfeeding, talk to your pediatricians, and make an informed decision.