The Benefits of Baby Massage

If your little one is unsettled, baby massage is a fantastic option to help calm your baby.

Infant Massage can be done anytime during the day or night. You can even incorporate it into part of your bedtime routine, to help soothe your baby, for a better nights sleep.

Whether you choose to focus on a specific area or just massage the whole body, is completely up to you.

infant massage

Infant Massage Benefits

There are several benefits of Infant Massage:-

  • It promotes bonding between parent and child.
  • It can also encourage the baby to feel loved and secure.
  • Infant massage helps to promote better sleep for your little one.
  • Relaxation is another great benefit of a massage. Relaxation can be help to improve babies sleep patterns.
  • Relaxation from massage can also help to reduce stress hormones, and calm your baby.

Infant Massage also has many physical benefits:-

  • It can promote body awareness, sensory stimulation, improving blood circulation, balances respiration, and helps digestion.
  • It can build baby’s self-esteem, as well as stimulating the oxytocin hormone in the baby.
  • Infant massage not only has physical benefits, it can also help to relieve other troubles that our babies may have.
  • Infant massage can help to reduce teething pain.
  • It also can help with gas and colic.
  • Plus help with growing pains, cramps, and even muscular tension.
  • Baby massage helps to increase the muscle tone as well as increase the flexibility of your bubs.

How to Massage Your Baby

There are several baby massage techniques. Below are a few ideas you might like to try:-

  1. Masseuse massaging little baby girlHead. Rub your hands down the sides of the baby’s head and through to his feet. You then can go back to the head and draw tiny circles around your bubs head with your fingertips.
  2. Face. Massage your bubs ears between your thumb and index finger. Starting at the bridge of your baby’s head trace a heart around their face, including the forehead and finishing at the bottom of their chin. Also, on the face you can begin with your fingers on the bridge of your little ones nose and slowly pull out over the cheeks.
  3. Arms. You are able to relax your baby’s arms through light taps while holding on to the baby’s wrist. Stroking from your baby’s shoulder to their wrist with your hands making a c shape around the arm. You can massage your babies palm by rubbing your thumbs from the wrist to the tips of her fingers.
  4. Chest. Stroke your baby’s chest outward from his sternum to his shoulders. Return to your babies sternum and make a heart from up through her shoulders and then returning back down towards the center. You can also create x’s or crisscrosses over your babies tummy and chest; start at the hip and move in diagonal pattern up to their shoulder.
  5. Back. Place your baby on their tummy in front of you in a horizontal fashion. Place your bubs hands in front of her and her legs strait back. Move your hands back and forth over your babies back, in opposite directions. Massage small circles down your bubs spine and then up the other side.

Use small circles to massage your little ones shoulders, and buttocks.

Remember that if you choose to use massage as a way to calm your baby or part of your bedtime routine build it into a daily schedule.

When massaging your baby, strokes should be be gentle but firm.  Allow anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes for the massage based on your babies moods.

It is a great opportunity to enjoy some of this special one on one time with your baby.

I would love to hear some of your experiences with Baby Massage, maybe you would like to share some tips for other Mums and Dads…………………….