Baby Feeding Cues – ​Do I Need to Wake My Baby?

You have just bought your baby home from hospital and he seems to be sleeping all the time. You even have trouble waking your baby when it is time to feed.

He looks so cute and peaceful and you just love staring at him, however you wonder if waking him is the right thing to do. What are my Babies Feeding Cues, how can I tell when is the right time to feed?

Basic Newborn Facts

Every mum can learn a few basic facts about their babies. These facts can help mum make an informed decision regarding the feeding of their new bub.
It is important to look at the physiology of your newborn because of course they are unable to tell you the problem at this time.

  • Babies have a quick digestion system.
  • At two weeks baby’s stomach is size of Ping-Pong ball.
  • All babies have hunger cues

Getting to Know Your Baby

Getting to know your little one can best be done by holding them close. Swaddling your baby can help mum and bub
stay close,  maybe think about investing in a ErgoCocoon Zip Up Baby Swaddle,  it would be perfect for bonding with your Baby.

So, how do I know when my baby is hungry? As we all know every baby is different, but there are some things however that every little one does. Their natural instinct
encourages them to show very distinct Baby Feeding Cues when they are hungry.

Newborn Feeding Cues – I’m Hungry

  • Lip smacking
  • Opening and closing of mount
  • Sucking on fingers, toes, even toys



 Baby Feeding Cues – I’m Really Hungry

  • Searching for the breast
  • Pulling on adult clothing, or trying to position to nurse
  • Squirming a lot
  • Banging on chest or on you
  • Breathing fast

baby-feeding-mid cues-800x417.jpg3


 Baby Feeding Cues – I’m Too Hungry

  • Crying
  • Frantic movement of the head
  • Inconsolable
  • Red Faced



Sometimes getting a baby to feed once they are past the second stage of cues can become complicated.  Your baby can become inconsolable which then makes it more difficult to feed. So this is why it is very important to read your little ones Feeding Cues.

2 Baby Feeding Theories

When it comes to feeding a baby there are two trains of thoughts. Each parent has to make their own decision on which they feel is best for their lifestyle and their babies. The two thoughts are time feeding and cue feeding.

Time Feeding

The average baby takes between 2-4 hours to digest their food. A baby’s stomach gets no bigger than a plastic Easter egg after a few months old.

You want to make sure that your baby is getting the right amount of nutrients. For many people that means watching the clock to make sure that they feed every 2-4 hours.

Cue Feeding

This type of feeding can be a bit tricky for many parents. Cue Feeding takes more time, it may not seem like it at first but you need to observe and show patience to catch the cue.

Watching for a babies cues carefully can make all the difference between feeding a happy baby and one that is screaming horribly.


Please Be Aware : – No matter how you decide to feed your baby, it is important that you are feeding them enough.

So, how do I know if I am feeding my baby enough milk? This can be done by watching the amount of diapers you are changing. You want to make sure that your baby is producing both pees and poops to ensure their getting their right amount of nutrients.

Another way is to watch their weight growth. Newborns will lose weight, about 7 percent, right after birth, however by their two week visit they should be up to their original birth weight.

Did you decide to time feed or feed on cue? Which cue was easiest for you to notice?