​How to Clean your Baltic Amber Necklace

So, you have just purchased a beautiful Baltic Amber Necklace. Maybe you bought it to help your baby with teething, or maybe you bought it for the many health benefits for adults.

Either way, it can be important to understand how your amber necklace is made in order to learn the best ways to take care of and clean your Baltic Amber Necklace.

The amber that is used to make your beautiful necklace is not a stone, it’s a natural resin. The amber beads are designed to harness the warmth of you or your baby’s body.

This warmth will release the healing oils that are naturally held within the amber and absorbed into the individual’s skin.

How to Clean Your Baltic Amber

Find a soft cloth or an extra soft toothbrush to clean the amber beads, whatever you decide to use needs to be soft so you do not cause any scratches.Cleaning Amber Necklaces

Next you need a cleaning solution, something soft and non-abrasive like soapy warm water. Another cleaning solution suggested is a liquid soap that is considered soft. Maybe a natural Goats Milk Baby Soap would be a good option.

After you have placed the soap into the water,  a soap that does not cause suds. You will gently dunk either your cloth or the necklace into the water. For some controlling the little bit of water on the cloth is easier.

However, for others dunking several beads is easier, whatever works best for you.

Washing the necklace while giving your baby a bath is a great trick to save time.

Please note:-  It is OK to get the string that holds the amber beads wet.

You will need another clean soft cloth, such as an old flannel face washer for drying your amber pieces. Each amber bead will need to be wiped down and dried individually. Letting the amber dry on its own can cause cloudiness in the stones.

After all pieces of your necklace have dried it is time to remove the grease from them. You could use a natural oil such as olive or almond. You simply place the oils into your hand and rub each of the stones.

By using a natural oil, it will help to keep the luster of the amber.

Things to Remember When Cleaning Your Amber

  • Always apply your perfume or hairspray before you wear your Amber.
  • Use a mild soapy lukewarm solution to clean amber beads.
  • Never place your jewellery in the direct sunlight.
  • Watch the temperature of your necklace, you never want it to get to hot or too cold.
  • Be sure not to wash the dishes or do the laundry while wearing your amber as those cleansers can be too harsh for the stones.
  • Don’t let the amber touch any metals or other jewellery, as this might chip the Baltic amber stones.

It is important to care for your Amber so you can enjoy all the many benefits for years to come.

Caring for Amber

The Baltic Amber Necklaces come in many amazing colors and sizes, for more information on our Amber range for Babies and Adults, visit us at TheBabySpot.