New Baby Checklist

Are you trying to find a list of baby items to help you when preparing for your new little one?

It can be daunting, there are some great New Baby Checklists out there that can help you stock everything possible you may or may not need for your nursery. There are even very comprehensive lists to help stock your new babies diaper bag.

As you expand your family the more you understand that you do not need everything on the list. At the end of the day, you really need very little from that list. Knowing the condensed version can help to reduce a lot of the baby worries.Baby Checklist

There are 6 main categories when it comes to baby needs:-

  • Bedding
  • Bottle / Breastfeeding
  • Diapering
  • Traveling
  • Bathing
  • Clothing
  • Extras

Baby Bedding

Your new baby will need their own safe sleeping environment, with appropriate bedding and a sleeping arrangement that meets the SIDS Guidelines.

  • A Sleigh Cot or a Bassinet is necessary that meets Australian Standards Guidelines.
  • Appropriate linen, sheets, blankets etc are needed depending on your bed choice.
    It is important to know the materials that you are using. Make sure that they do not increase the
    heat of your baby while in bed.
  • A breathable baby blanket is important, to ensure that your bub does not get too hot or cold.

Bottle or Breastfeeding

Depending on which baby feeding method you choose bottle or breast, you may need to purchase different things.Glass Baby Bottles

  • Breastfeeding – You will need nursing pads, burp cloth, nipple cream, and a nursing bra. If you are having trouble breastfeeding then you could use a nursing pillow or a nipple shield.
  • Bottle Feeding – You will need to purchase infant formula, enough bottles for the day approx 6 or 7, this will help to ensure you have clean bottles for each feed. You may also like to purchase a bottle sterilizer to save time.

Baby Diapering

Changing babies dirty nappies in the 1st few years is the one thing that you will never stop doing. It is a good idea to keep an adequate supply of nappies at all times, you may go through 7 or 8 disposable nappies per day with a newborn baby.

  • Cloth or disposable diapers are necessary. Cloth diapers can be washed repeatedly. Disposable nappies can be thrown away.
  • Baby wipes are essential. Not only are they helpful when it comes to changing diapers. They will also become a daily part of life helping clean up messes.
  • Diaper cream or nappy rash cream is a good idea to have on hand, because if you need it and you do not have it you will be frustrated.
  • A diaper bin is also a handy addition to your nursery. It can help keep your rooms from getting smelly.

Traveling with Baby

If you are well prepared, traveling with your baby can be an enjoyable experience. Below are some items that can make your life a little easier on the trip.

  • A Baby Car Seat is required if you plan on driving anywhere. A car seat is an essential and mandatory item when driving with your baby. It is a safety requirement to use a car seat and it must be correctly fitted and meet current safety standards.
    baby car seat
  • Baby slings can be very helpful when you are out and about. You can carry your baby in a sling/wrap and have the ability to shop hands free.
  • A well stocked organized diaper bag is critical when leaving home with your baby. The diaper or nappy bag is where you will store diapers, wipes, any food needs, spare baby clothes and anything else you may need. It is also a good place to store personal items like your wallet and phone so that you only have one bag to carry.

Baby Bathing

Bathing your baby is a very special time, there are a few essential items you may need to make bath time fun for everyone, for example:

  • Face washers are helpful for cleaning your baby. A loofah can be a fun thing to let your baby play with while you wash them.
  • Hooded towels are useful when drying the wriggly baby. They have a special place for the baby’s head to go and then the rest of the towel will wrap around them. However, any towel will work.
  • Use a gentle natural baby soap when giving your bubs a bath. A baby soap like ILuvBaby Goats Milk Soap is gentle on your babies skin and will not sting your little ones eyes. It has no harmful chemicals and is great for any mild skin irritations.
  • Nail clippers, or a nail file, are important things to have in the bathroom to keep babies nails well groomed. This is so they avoid scratching themselves.
  • A baby thermometer is a must, as you never know when your baby may run a temperature.

Baby Clothing

Clothing is not something most mums have to worry about because it is one of the most common gifts given. Everyone loves to buy a cute baby outfit. However, it is nice to make sure that we have a few things on hand to ensure those first few weeks go smoothly.

  • 6 or 7 singlets for quick outfit changes can be helpful. Some newborns can be spewy and it pays to be prepared.Baby Checklist
  • A baby hat is essential to keep their little heads warm. Heat escapes through their head so this is very helpful.
  • Jumpsuits are clothing items that you will use a lot. They close in the crotch, so they are easy to access for nappy changes. Babies are not fond of clothing being pulled over their heads so jumpsuits work really well.
  • A good sleep suit or baby swaddle is important to keep baby warm at night. Swaddles open in the front or side, so there is no need to wake your baby when they are asleep for a nappy change.
  • Cold nights will require a warm jacket. For the first few months it is important to keep your baby warm, so invest in a  warm jacket for those nights out.

New Baby Swaddles

Baby Extras

Below are a few baby extra’s that may make things easier, but are not essential:-Silicone Baby Bib with Crumb Catcher - Tiger

  • Lightweight blankets used for swaddling.
  • Gripe water will help with colic and gas.
  • Spare cloth nappies for nursing.
  • Rattles or small wooden toys to keep baby occupied.
  • Pacifier/Dummy
  • Baby Bib

The list of baby items can be never ending and somewhat overwhelming, it is a good idea to make 2 lists, “essentials” and “would like”.

The above New Baby Checklists are just a guide and may help to make preparing for a new baby a bit easier.