How to Calm your Baby with the Five S’s

Most newborn babies use crying as a way to communicate their needs.  A normal amount of crying is not something to worry about, however, it can sometimes be very frustrating, tiring and upsetting for both you and your little one.

There are several reasons why babies cry and there are different ways that you can try to help calm your baby.

Knowing why your baby is crying is definitely of great assistance when trying to calm them.

Why Do Babies Cry

Babies cry for specific reasons. Crying is a baby’s way of communicating their needs. Some of the most common needs of a little one is hunger, dirty diaper, cuddles, or tired.

However, other things can make little ones cry like needing to burp, being too cold or hot, needing more or less attention, feeling poorly or having belly troubles.

Calming your Baby

How To Calm Your Baby

As new parents we do not always know how to interpret our baby’s needs.  So, having a few ideas on how to calm your baby can be helpful in these sometimes stressful times.

Research has shown that babies need to remember their time in the womb, where they felt safe and secure.  They respond positively to sounds similar to those in the uterus,  and this remembrance can help to calm a crying baby.

How many times have parents taken their crying babies for a drive in the car as a way to settle them, this is because the car imitates being in the uterus. The uterus can also be imitated by swinging, rocking, singing, white noise, and even dancing.

Baby massage is also a great way to help calm your baby. Massage can also help to promote closeness and bonding between parent and baby.

What Are The Five S’s

There is a method called the “happiest baby” method to help soothe an upset baby. This method was designed by Harvey Karp, the theory behind the Five S’s is that a baby can be calmed by mimicking the uterus.

The Five S’s are swaddle, side or stomach, shush, swing, and suck.

So, lets learn what each of them means as it may be a method you would like to try to calm your baby.

First S – Swaddle – Wrapping your baby up with their arms by their sides. To swaddle your baby use a thin blanket or muslin wrap. You may also like to consider a baby swaddle such as a ErgoCocoon Zip up Baby Swaddle which are designed to make baby feel safe and secure.

Second S – Side or Stomach position – The next step is your baby’s position. You place your little one on their side or stomach,  laying babies on their sides or stomach while supervised mimics the way that babies lay in the uterus.

Third S – Shush – The shushing sound can offer baby comfort. Quiet is not what the baby needs as it has been in utero for the last nine months. They have heard a constant rushing of blood, the sounds of the outside world. As well as those noises from mummy herself talking, singing, and humming.

Fourth S – Swing – Swinging is something that your baby has gotten used to in utero because mum is moving all the time. Swinging your baby means quick paced, rapid small movements, also known as jiggling.

Fifth S – Suck – Sucking means to offer your baby their thumb or a pacifier. Fetuses in utero often place their thumb in their mouths and suck. This is something that can be imitated easily. If you notice that your baby is becoming tired you could even use nursing or bottle feeding as the form of sucking.

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These are just a few ways to calm your baby, but it is important to choose what suits you and your baby.

What works for some does not necessarily work for others, babies are all different and respond in their own ways.

If you have some calming methods that have worked for you, please share, as they may help other Mums having problems calming their crying babies……………………….