What Are the Common Causes of Baby Dry Skin?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is especially true for your baby’s delicate skin.

Why spend money on expensive creams, soaps and lotions when you can prevent baby dry skin in the first place?

This is why learning about the common causes of dryness in baby skin is very important.

1. Newborn Baby Skin Peeling

It is natural for baby’s skin to peel a few days after his birth. Experts say that this is just some sort of natural “adjustment” of the skin. When he was still in your womb, he was protected with the embryonic fluid. Upon birth, your baby is exposed to dry surroundings, causing the skin to peel.

causes of baby dry skin

2. Cold Weather Effects on Baby Skin

Yes, snow falling from the sky is a wonderful sight, but this means that you’ll have to turn your heaters on. This causes your indoor air to go dry, affecting your baby’s delicate skin. You can remedy this by shortening baby’s bath time. It also helps to use extra virgin or high quality types of natural oils. Olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, and safflower oil are some examples.

3. The Effects of Tap Water on Baby Skin

It is a bit ironical that the substances used to ensure the safety and potability of water work against sensitive skin. Chlorine and other bacteria-fighting chemicals may prevent bacterial contamination in water but strip the skin of its natural oils and nutrients. The best way to deal with this is to install a water filter to block those chemicals off.

4. Harsh Soaps on Baby Skin

In case you’re not aware, some of the baby products that are deemed safe for babies are in reality, unsafe due to their high chemical content. Why don’t you go natural instead? We use Natural Goat’s Milk Soap at home. It’s economical because we don’t have to buy separate soaps for adults, and it’s very effective for baby dry skin as well.


5. Does Infant Formula Cause Baby Dry Skin

Some infant formulas are made from cow’s milk which contain antigens or substances that cause allergies. If this is the case with your baby, consider changing his formula to a soy-based one. The Natural Resources Defense Council states that breast-fed children are more resistant to disease and infection than those who are fed with infant formulas, so if you are able, the benefits of breastfeeding are amazing.

6. Can Baby Clothing Cause Dry Skin

Yes, there are times when baby dry skin is caused by the clothes he wears. It can be due to the material his clothes are made of, or the soap you use for washing them. Look for soaps that are specifically made for baby clothes, and do not contain harsh detergents. Fabric conditioner may also cause skin irritation.

7. Dry Skin & Baby Bathing

Whether it is summer, winter or spring, your baby doesn’t need to stay too long in the bath, especially if the tub is filled with fragrant bubbles that contain huge amounts of chemicals. This can also irritate your baby’s eyes and is a common cause of baby dry skin.

Be mindful of how you wash your baby, do not scrub too much as you will be removing the natural oils that are present in his skin. After your baby’s bath, moisturize his skin with natural oils or unscented lotion.


Why let your little one suffer from dry skin when you can do something about it?

Does your baby have dry skin?

What did you do about it?

Please share your experiences with us in the comments box below. Your experiences can help other mums deal with their baby’s dry skin?